Landscape Planning For Around Your Above-Ground Pool This Winter

Posted on: 3 November 2014

While you're getting your pool ready for the winter, consider doing some landscaping this fall so you'll have an even more enjoyable space next spring. The landscaping work can all be done now so it's ready for entertaining and relaxing with the family next year.

Here are some pool landscaping design tips to start you thinking about how you want your area to look:

Less Work and More Fun

Choose greenery for the pool area that is low maintenance. You'll spend less time taking care of the plants and have more time to spend in the pool. Potted plants can be moved around the area to change the look easily. Have a mixture of large and small containers containing tall plants and short shrubs. A group of pots with plants of different heights creates a focal area in the yard. Use a line of pots containing tall plants for a boundary or transition point from the yard to the pool area.

Cover Up the Eye Sores

Use shrubs and potted plants to hide some of the pool equipment such as heaters, pumps and filters. Vertical braces used to stabilize your above-ground pool can be covered up with tall, potted evergreen shrubs to make the space look more inviting.

Light Up the Area for Evening Pool Parties

Soft, diffuse lighting is more relaxing for an evening dip in the pool than harsh yard security lighting. Flexible LED lights in panels or ropes can be mounted under the deck, around ladders and other pool equipment. This lighting provides safety and an ambiance to your pool setting.  

Pool Privacy and Home Safety

If you want more privacy in your pool area, use trees or tall shrubs to shield the pool from the street. A solid barrier is not needed to prevent prying eyes on the street from looking in to your pool area, day or night. A few trees or shrubs are a sufficient barrier and they will allow light into the area so you're not swimming in dark shadows at night. Landscape companies will help you fill in those larger areas to get the right mixture of privacy and natural look.

Plan for Your Guests' Safety

As you finalize the details of your pool-area landscaping, keep in mind that there will be people walking through the area with bare feet, thongs or water slippers. Make sure you don't have sharp rocks or metal on which people could step on and hurt themselves.

Finishing the pool landscaping this fall means you can have the area quickly ready next spring for the first pool party. If you don't get everything done this fall, plan on doing it next fall. After a few years, you'll have a pool area that will make your neighbors envious. To learn more, contact a company such as B & B Hoffman Sod Farms with any questions or concerns you might have.