Helping A Hoarder Clean Their Home

Posted on: 6 November 2014

If you know someone who has accumulated all kinds of belongings that seem to have overtaken the home, you may want to try to help them organize. Hoarding is a psychological disorder that will need to be evaluated. The person may need to speak to a counselor about the problem. While they try to get help for this disorder, the home will need to be cleaned to get a fresh start on their recovery. Here are some ways to help with the cleanup process.

Start By Separating

You will need to start in one room of the home and clean it in its entirety before moving onto the next. This will help the hoarder see the progress, which will help in their recovery. Make separate piles for the items in the room. You will need a pile for things that can be donated, things that can be recycled, things that can be sold, things to throw away and things you want to keep.


Ask around to find out who might be interested in some of the items you have to donate. People love getting things for free. After checking with friends and family of the hoarder, see if local businesses would be interested in some of the items. You can bring books to the library and electronics to schools or churches. Thrift stores will be glad to accept clothing or furniture.


Many hoarders will have an abundance of recyclable materials in their home. They are the type of people that will not throw anything away, so often things like containers and newspapers will be saved just in case they need it for something in the future. Ask your town building to find out if there is a nearby recycling station where you can bring some of the items. Sometimes dumpster rental companies will be able to bring a bin to the home to be filled with recyclables, so make sure to ask when you rent one for the things to be thrown away.

Sale Items

Hold a yard sale to make a little cash for some of the items that are no longer needed. You can list items for sale online or put an advertisement in the local paper. 

Things To Throw Away

Call a roll off dumpster rental service such as East Central Sanitation & Recycling to find out about renting a dumpster. Leave it on the property all during the clean-up process so you can throw things away as you are doing the clean up. A roll off service will bring and take away the dumpster according to your specifications.