Need To Clean Up Your Yard? 3 Places Pests Could Be Hiding

Posted on: 7 November 2014

Have you been putting off cleaning your yard? If you have, there might be things in your yard that could be hiding potential pest infestations. One way to find out if you have a pest problem is to start looking around your yard. Start by looking around the perimeter of your home, and under any piles of debris that you might have in your yard.

If you've been noticing an increase in pests such as roaches and mice around your home, you might have hiding places that you didn't know about. The following areas are places that roaches and mice might be hiding in your yard.

Tall Grass

If you have tall grass up against your house, you may be creating the perfect environment for pests to hide. Tall grass provides a moist, dark place to dwell. Unfortunately, if the tall grass is located right up against your home, it can provide easy access to the foundation so that the pests can get into your home. Removing grass from around your home is a good way to keep roaches and mice out of your home. Be sure to throw the grass away as soon as you remove it, or you may end up creating a new hiding place for the pests.

Wood Piles

When planning for the storage of your fire wood, it's important that you place it as far away from your home as possible. Wood piles are a preferred hiding place for things like spiders and snakes. If you have wood lying around your yard, you should move it to one central location that is as far away from your home as possible. Throw away any wood that you won't be using for firewood.

Trash Can Areas

The area around your trashcans could be inviting pests into your yard, especially if you don't have lids on your trashcans. Pests are attracted to the smell of garbage. To reduce the chances of having your trashcans overrun with pests, you should keep the area around your trashcans clean. Contact a company like Sullivan Refuse Inc if trash removal is necessary.

Be sure to pick up any trash that you find on the ground. If possible, you should place your trash in plastic trash bags and then discard the bags. This will reduce the smell that comes from your trashcans. You can also reduce pest activity around your trashcans by washing them once a month. This will remove the smell of rotten food that often attracts pests.

To help prevent pest problems, you should keep your yard free of debris and trash. You can help prevent pest problems by removing potential hiding places from your yard.