• Protecting Your Home From Pesky Rodents

    With the cold weather quickly approaching, many homes are noticing a rise in mice and other small pests.  Killing them is certainly not the most compassionate option; not to mention the detrimental effects poisons can have on pets and small children.  This article will discuss several tips to keep your home pest free: Physical Barriers and Deterrents Rats can squeeze through a space as tight as a half inch and mice only need a quarter of an inch to get into your home. [Read More]

  • Landscape Planning For Around Your Above-Ground Pool This Winter

    While you're getting your pool ready for the winter, consider doing some landscaping this fall so you'll have an even more enjoyable space next spring. The landscaping work can all be done now so it's ready for entertaining and relaxing with the family next year. Here are some pool landscaping design tips to start you thinking about how you want your area to look: Less Work and More Fun Choose greenery for the pool area that is low maintenance. [Read More]